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Why Myanmar rebels' Operation 1027 is a worry for India

  • Published
    17th Nov, 2023


If the violence escalates, more people could flee, and India would be forced to deal with a refugee crisis.

Junta's Struggle:

  • Territorial Losses: Junta faces significant setbacks, losing nine towns and 150 outposts to coordinated rebel attacks in northern and northwest Myanmar.
  • Military Assets Seized: Rebel alliance, comprising three groups, captures not just territory but also seizes military assets, including tanks and armored vehicles.
  • Counteroffensive Delay: Junta's response falters; counteroffensive delayed airstrikes and heavy artillery ineffective; soldiers retreat from smaller outposts to larger strongholds.

Brotherhood Alliance's Offensive:

  • Operation 1027: Rebel offensive named "Operation 1027" aims to challenge military rule, control a substantial part of Myanmar; Brotherhood Alliance mobilizes 20,000 fighters.
  • Goals of Rebellion: Brotherhood Alliance seeks to eradicate oppressive military dictatorship, making the military regime irrelevant, according to their statement.
  • India's Concerns: Rebels fight near Indian border, attacking military camps close to Mizoram; potential refugee crisis worries India as violence escalates.

Ethnic Ties and Refugee Crisis:

  • Chin Rebellion Impact: Chin rebellion in Myanmar backed by Mizoram locals due to close ethnic ties; influx of refugees to Mizoram raises concerns.
  • Mizoram's Ties: Mizos' close ethnic ties with Myanmar's Chin community lead to an influx of refugees; over 5,000 seek asylum in Mizoram.
  • India's Dilemma: Escalating violence may trigger more refugees, posing a refugee crisis for India; New Delhi closely monitors the situation.
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