Giriputhrika Kalyana Pathakam for Tribal Brides

Schedule Tribes (ST's) are Indian population groups that are explicitly recognized by the constitution of India order 1950. The order lists 744 tribes across 22 states in its 1st schedule. In Andhra Pradesh 33 types of Schedule Tribes are living in 8 districts. ST's are 6.6% in total population of Andhra Pradesh. From the 1850 ST community is referred to as the depressed class due to their social and economic status.

The Government of Andhra Pradesh on the eve of "World Adivasi Day" has launched Giriputhrika Kalyana Pathakam Scheme to provide one time financial assistance of Rs.50,000 (Rupees Fifty Thousand Only) to tribal girls at the time of their marriage with a view to alleviate financial difficulties to celebrate marriage in the families of Schedule Tribes in the state. The amount will be disbursed through District Tribal Welfare Office directly to the bank accounts of the beneficiary. This is in tune with the Tribal Empowerment Policy-2010-15, especially for empowering tribal women.

The initiative has been taken in tune with the Andhra Pradesh Government's enactment of "The Andhra Pradesh Scheduled Castes Sub-Plan and Tribal Sub-Plan (Planning, Allocation and Utilization of Financial Resources) Act, 2013" with an objective to accelerate the development and welfare of SCs and STs with emphasis of achieving equality in the next 10 years, focusing on economic, education and human development along with ensuring security, social dignity of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes.

Each beneficiary would have to fulfill some mandatory conditions like submission of marriage certificate, income certificate etc. to avail benefits of the scheme.

Eligibility Criteria:

a) The girl should belong to Schedule Tribe and should be unmarried.

b) The unmarried girl should exclusively belong to Andhra Pradesh.

c) The unmarried girl should have completed 18 years of age at the time of marriage.

d) The wedding of the ST girl shall take place on or after 01-04-2015.

Income Criteria:

The combined income of the parents shall not exceed Rs. 2,50,000/- per annum.

Procedure for application and processing:

There will be online submission of Application by the website through any MeeSeva Center.

Attachment Required:

• Date of Birth, Certificate for the proof of cast, Income Certificate (family), Aadhaar Card (of both Bride and Groom) Issued by the competent Authority through MeeSeva Center.

• A scanned copy of the 1st page of the Bank Passbook (Saving Account) containing the photo of the bride and the account detail in the name of the bride.

• Wedding Card

• Wedding Photograph

• Letter by the Gram Panchayat/Church/Mosque or any other institution which has performed the marriage as a marriage proof should be produced.

• The scheme cannot be subsumed with any other scheme such as the incentive award for inter-caste marriage.

• It can be availed by the ST girls only once in a lifetime.

• The Director, Tribal Welfare shall ensure wide publicity to create awareness among the STs for availing the benefit of the scheme.

• The Director shall also ensure that an appropriate head of account is created for the scheme to charge the expenditure under the Tribal Sub Plan (TSP).