Crime and Criminal Tracking Network & Systems

Crime and Criminal Tracking Network & Systems (CCTNS) is a plan scheme conceived in the light of experience of a non-plan scheme namely - Common Integrated Police Application (CIPA). 

CCTNS is a Mission Mode Project under the National e-Governance Plan of Government of India. CCTNS aims at creating a comprehensive and integrated system for enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of policing through adopting of principle of e-Governance and creation of a nationwide networking infrastructure for evolution of IT-enabled-state-of-the-art tracking system around 'Investigation of crime and detection of criminals. 

An allocation of Rs. 2000 crores has been made for CCTNS Project. Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) has approved the project on 19.06.2009.

 Objectives of 'CCTNS':

The objectives of the Scheme can broadly be listed as follows:

• Make the Police functioning citizen friendly and more transparent by automating the functioning of Police Stations.

• Improve delivery of citizen-centric services through effective usage of ICT.

• Provide the Investigating Officers of the Civil Police with tools, technology and information to facilitate investigation of crime and detection of criminals.

• Improve Police functioning in various other areas such as Law and Order, Traffic Management etc.

• Facilitate Interaction and sharing of Information among Police Stations, Districts, State/UT headquarters and other Police Agencies.

• Assist senior Police Officers in better management of Police Force

• Keep track of the progress of Cases, including in Courts

• Reduce manual and redundant Records keeping