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Prelims Current Affairs (Ecology and Environment)

World’s largest iceberg

31st May, 2021

Antarctica has given birth to the newly calved berg, which is designated as A-76 by scientists.

In a latest development, researchers have collaborated to discover two damselfly species from Satara district in Maharashtra, which forms part of northern Western Ghats.

A genome study involving the last remaining populations of the Sumatran rhinoceros — a solitary rainforest dweller — is providing what scientists called good news about the prospects of saving this critically endangered species from extinction.

At the now-concluded Leaders’ Climate Summit hosted by United States’ President Joe Biden, the US unveiled its new Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) to the 2015 Paris Agreement.

Recently, a rare sight was noticed by people where they witnessed a spectacular and rare Mandarin duck floating in the Maguri-Motapung beel (or wetland) of Assam’s Tinsukia district.

‘Green Tax’

1st Feb, 2021

The Transport Ministry has approved a proposal for a ‘green tax’ on old vehicles.

‘Sigur plateau’

1st Feb, 2021

The Supreme Court appointed conservationist Nandita Hazarika as Member of a Technical Committee constituted.

After more than a decade of dispute and controversy, China and Nepal have finally agreed on how tall Mount Everest is.

Worldwide legal wildlife trade have increased by 2,000% since 1980, as per a latest report.

Coral reefs in the lagoon of the Seychelles’ Aldabra atoll have recovered faster after the 2015-2016 bleaching event due to tolerance to heat stress, as per new research published in Nature.

Given the significant threat to Seagrasses, there is an urgent need to take earnest measures to conserve seagrasses and their habitats.

Eight beaches in India have been awarded the coveted ‘Blue Flag’ certification by an eminent international jury, which comprises members of the-


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