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What is Odisha’s Mo Bus, recipient of the UN’s prestigious public service award?


Mo Bus, the bus service of Odisha’s Capital Region Urban Transport (CRUT) authority, has been recognised by the United Nations as one of 10 global recipients of its annual Public Service Awards for 2022.

Mo Bus service:

  • The Mo Bus service was launched in November 2018 to ensure "transformation of the urban public transport scenario in the city and its hinterland through use of smart technology, service benchmarking and customer satisfaction".
  • The public transport service has been recognised for its role in promoting gender-responsive public services to achieve the SDGs.
  • Mo Bus has incorporated “real-time technologies like live tracking, travel planner and e-ticketing”.
  • An e-rickshaw system called ‘Mo E-Ride’ has been introduced as a last-mile feeder service.
  • The buses are designed to integrate smart technologies such as free on-board Wi-Fi service, digital announcements, surveillance cameras, and electronic ticketing.
  • CRUT says that to increase women’s participation in the workforce, and to make women riders feel safer, it is committed to ensuring that 50% of Mo Bus Guides (conductors) are women.
  • Air-conditioned Mo Bus fares start at Rs 5 and go up to Rs 70; non-AC fares are from Rs 5 to Rs 55.


    • 57 per cent of the city’s commuters now use the Mo Bus.
    • Mo E-Ride is estimated to reduce pollution by 30-50 per cent.
    • 40 per cent of Mo Bus conductors are women.
    • 100 percent of Mo E-Ride drivers are women, transgender people, and people from disadvantaged communities.
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