Captive breeding

Captive breeding is the process of breeding animals outside of their natural environment in restricted conditions in farms, zoos or other closed facilities. The choice of individual animals that are to be part of a captive breeding population, and the mating partners within that population, are controlled by humans.

Captive breeding is generally carried out for one of these main purposes:
1. To produce animals for commercial purposes (pets, food, fibre, medicine, and other human uses).
2. To produce animals for zoos, aquaria, research institutions, and other public facilities.
3. To increase captive population numbers of threatened or endangered species. In some cases, these individuals are part of a management programme aimed at eventually reintroducing captive-bred animals into wild habitats and populations. In other cases, captive facilities claim to be breeding animals for such purposes -but the animals may not be suitable - or they are not part of a legitimate conservation and management programme.


• Endangered animals have a safe place to live and continue breeding to prevent extinction
• A zoo is a safe place to visit and experience seeing wild animals up close.
• Zoo's give medical care and feed animals who need help, they have no worry or stress about having to find food or water
• Zoos educate people about the importance of rescuing endangered animals, it also informs future generations of what they can do to help.
• If it wern't for zoos many animals such as the great panda, would be extinct by now
• Animals in zoos have a small risk of being harmed compared to animals in the wild.
• Enclosures have changed from metal bars and cod cement to more natural barriers and enclosures resembling the animals natural habitat.
• The capture of animals had changed so that you do not catch the animals from the wild but apply to recieve the young from other zoos breeding programs

Practice question:

1) Which of the following captive breeding programmes in India and their places is/are correctly matched?

1. Ramanagara Vulture Sanctuary – Kerala
2. Vikramshila Gangetic Dolphin Sanctuary – Bhagalpur
3. Devaliya Safari Park – Gujarat


a) Only 1

b) Only 2

c) 2 and 3

d) All

Ans: c
Exp: Ramanagara Vulture Sanctuary is in Karnataka