Allied and healthcare professionals database portal

The Union Health ministry has launched a web portal which will act as a robust data repository of allied and healthcare workers, help in bringing transparency and track the number of such professionals.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), “Allied health personnel are personnel who have specific connections with the art and science of health care and are recognized as members of health team in the national health system. They are educated, with different levels of professional qualifications, in a recognized or accredited health or health related or academic Institution".

Allied & healthcare professionals include individuals involved with the delivery of health or related services, with expertise in therapeutic, diagnostic, curative, preventive and rehabilitative interventions. They work in interdisciplinary health teams including physicians, nurses and public health officials to promote, protect, treat and/or manage a person’s physical, mental, social, emotional and environmental health and holistic well-being.

Benefits of the portal

This is a provisional measure taken by the Government of India to reach out to all the allied and healthcare professionals in the country so that they may be effectively tracked as part of the overall HRH data available with the Government of India. This will help the government to estimate the numbers and streams of allied and healthcare existing in the country.

It will help the Government to track the number of professionals and streams of allied and healthcare professions in the country. It may further prove helpful in expediting the envisaged processes viz. licensing of professionals, workforce policy planning, and bringing transparency in the system by maintaining standards of educational and clinical practice etc.