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Indian society

1. Salient features of Indian society
• What is Indian society
• Is it a mental construct or a living reality
• Features of Indian society
• Changes within Indian society and their repercussions
• Causes of changes
• Coping mechanisms derived
• Indian society today

2. Diversity of India
• What is diversity
• Types of diversities in India
• Can diversity be equated with difference
• The unity in diversity- a reality or a chimera
• Some examples
• Manner of reconciliation

3. Role of women’s organizations
• What are Women’s organizations
• Women’s organizations in Indian history
• Types of women’s organizations
• Level of penetration
• Women’s organization – a ray of hope few case studies
• Should women’s organization be female centric or a positive change in the structure is the need of the hour- an appraisal
• Problems faced by women’s organizations
• Is a larger vocal role possible and ways to achieve the same

4. Poverty and development issues
• Poverty – Definition and concept
• Concept of development
• Development and poverty –the matrix
• Sen Vs Bhagwati model
• Crisis of development
• Certain case studies
• Is filling the chasm possible- and how so
• Government’s initiatives and the five year plans
• Role of civil society organizations
• How far how long- an assessment.

5. Population and associated issues
• What is population- meaning and concept
• Different components of population
• Problem of IMR, MMR and TFR
• International Targets(MDGs) and India’s story
• Government’s initiatives for the same
• Family planning and the problems
• Demographic dividend and the way to capitalize it

6. Urbanization , their problems and remedies
• Urbanization introduction through census 2011
• Urbanization and issues
I. Transport
II. Waste disposal
III. Rural-urban migration
IV. Sanitation
V. Environment
VI. Housing
VII. Water depletion
VIII. Pollution
• Steps taken by GOI
• Issues and reforms needed
• 12th five year plan

7. Effects of globalization on Indian society
• What is the meaning of globalization
• Meaning of Indian society
• Kinds of impact of globalization – economic, political, developmental and socio-cultural
• Is the impact solely positive or negative an assessment.

8. Social empowerment
• Meaning and concept of social empowerment
• Why do we need social empowerment
• Specific sections for whom social empowerment is the life blood
• Social empowerment through the five year plans
• Government’s initiatives for empowerment
• Empowerment in reality and India’s experience
• Other approaches /players/tools for social empowerment and some case studies on the same
• Conclusion – today’s state and way forward

9. Communalism
• Meaning and concept of communalism
• Historicity of communalism
• Is it an ideology or just some random events -a relook
• Recent incidents
• Role of third parties in inciting/perpetrating communalism
• Communalism under the law
• Can communalism eradicated from the Indian society completely
• How and the way forward.

10. Secularism
• Meaning and concept of secularism
• Secularism through the vantage point of Indian Constitution
• Comparisons of models
• Gandhi ji on religion
• Indian philosophy on secularism
• Threats on the secular spirit
• Is the Indian democracy mature enough to handle the gravity of secularism in the light of lok-sabha election results 2014.
• Do we need to work upon Indian brand of secularism and how is that going to be possible

11. Regionalism
• Meaning and concept of regionalism
• Why regionalism
• Theories on regionalism
• Regionalism in its various manifestations
• Role of various players
• Recent incidents causing a wave of flurry
• Possible ways to tackle the same

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