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CULTURE OF NORTH EAST: folk dances/festivals

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    11th Jun, 2015

i.    THANG-TA

• Thang Ta--"The Art of the Sword and Spear"-- is the traditional martial art of Manipur in Northeast India.  
• The proper name for Thang-Ta is HUYEN LALLONG ("method of safe-guarding").
• It integrates various external weapons - the sword, spear, dagger, etc. - with the internal practice of physical control through soft movements coordinated with the  rhythms of breathing.
• t is an elaborate system of physical culture that involves breathing methods, meditations, and rituals.

ii.    Cheraw Dance

• Cheraw is a very old traditional dance of the Mizos. It is believed that the dance had already existed way back in the 1st Century A.D.
• The unique style of the 'Cheraw' is a great fascination everywhere it is performed.
• Gongs and drums are used to accompany the dance.
• Men sitting face to face on the ground tap long pairs of horizontal and cross bamboo staves open and close in rhythmic beats.
• Girls in colorful Mizo costumes of 'Puanchei', 'Kawrchei'. Vakiria' and 'Thihna' dance in and out between the beats of bamboo.

iii.    Dhol Cholam

• It  is a drum dance which forms an essential part of the Holi festivities, known in Manipur as Yaosang.
• During this colourful spring festival, people play music and perform dance with gay abandon.
• Dhol Cholom is characterized by modulation of sound from a soft whisper to a thunderous climax.
• The starting of their dance involves slow movements and steps and thereafter on the drum beats they continue their performance with more vigorous movements.



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