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Data Story Compilation from 10 Jan 2022 to 9 Feb 2022

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Published: 16th Feb, 2022

Data and Numbers are of great significance for UPSC Examination. They substantiate argument or opinion. Generalized statements without substantial data don't add any value to answers.
Under our 'Data Story' initiative, relevant data and numbers will be used to cover a series of static and current affair topics through well-designed infographics. These key numbers are helpful for analytical-based Prelims questions and Mains preparation.

In this PDF we are providing compilation data stories of the following titles:

 • Women In Bureaucracy
 • Scheduled Tribes In India
 • Rise In Sea Level
 • Transgender In India
 • International Migration And Diaspora
 • India State of Forest Report
 • Rare Diseases
 • Elderly In India
 • Female In Agriculture
 • Medical System In India
 • Status of Indian Parliament
 • Suicides In India (NCRB Report)
 • Prison Statistics in India
 • Child Marriage Cases In India
 • Malnourished Children In India
 • Child Labour in India
 • Statistics On Poverty
 • Cyber Crimes In India
 • Women in Judiciary
 • Mental Disorders In India
 • Flow Of Money In Budget 2022
 • Renewable Energy
 • CAPEX Increased By 35.4% In Budget 2022-23
 • International Year of Millets (2022-23)

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