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DATA STORY : Composite Water Management Index

  • Published
    28th Apr, 2022

The National Institution for Transforming India (NITI) Aayog has developed the Composite Water Management Index (CWMI) to enable effective water management in Indian states. The CWMI is the first comprehensive collection of country-wide water data in India based on in-depth structured questionnaires followed by focus group discussions to generate qualitative information. It represents a major step towards creating a culture of data-based decision-making for water in India, which can encourage “competitive and cooperative federalism” in the country’s water governance and management. 

The Index and this associated report are expected to: 

  1. establish a clear baseline and benchmark for state-level performance on key water indicators; 
  2. uncover and explain how states have progressed on water issues over time, including identifying high-performers and under-performers, thereby inculcating a culture of constructive federal competition amongst states; and 
  3. identify areas for deeper engagement and investment on the part of the states 

Eventually, NITI Aayog plans to develop the Index into a composite, national-level data management platform for all water resources in India.

Water has been recognized as being vital to India’s economic growth, wellbeing of its people, and the sustainability of ecosystems. Over the last few years, the Government of India as well as State Governments has been implementing a range of projects focused on groundwater recharge; responsible use of water for agriculture; and use of technologies such as micro-irrigation. 

Similarly, ranges of legislation promoting water-efficient energy production or discouraging water pollution by industry have been enacted. More significantly, the Government has consolidated institutional structures under the Ministry of Jal Shakti to bring interrelated water management functions together and drive more effective outcomes.

This data story aims to highlight findings of NITI Aayog’s Composite Water Management Index.

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