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DATA STORY : Status of Indian Parliament

  • Published
    22nd Jan, 2022

Parliament is the temple of Indian democracy and so it is necessary to know the number of members of each house, seats reserved for each category, each state and representation of male and female. Parliament not only discusses the views of each MP but it also discusses issues of national and international importance. Thus, it is crucial that people from different backgrounds and no criminal records would go and reflect high moral standards. However, as per various data used in the data story, it is reflected how the crorepatis and people with criminal background are increasing in Lok Sabha. It is important for a UPSC student as well as a common man to be an informed citizen and play a crucial role in democracy.

The data story has largely been prepared from the websites of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha and Report by Association for Democratic reforms (ADR). The seats reserved for different categories are as per the Delimitation of Parliamentary and Assembly Constituencies Order, 2008.

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