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India's snow leopard activist Dr. Charudatt Mishra wins UK Award

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    11th May, 2022


Dr Charudutt Mishra has won a prestigious nature award in London.


  • He was presented the 100,000 pounds Whitley Gold Award from UK wildlife conservation charity Whitley Fund for Nature (WFN), which supports grassroots conservation leaders.
  • The award is geared towards enabling the “ground-breaking” snow leopard conservationist to replicate ethical community engagement on every continent.
  • The conservationist’s pioneering approach has been named an “outstanding conservation practice” by the UN Biodiversity Conference, in recognition that collective, locally-led conservation is essential to realising government ambition of protecting 30 per cent of the planet by 2030.
  • He established India’s first community-based initiatives to save the endangered species of snow leopards.
    • These include innovative livestock insurance programmes to boost income and discourage retaliatory killings, and locally-managed wildlife reserves on community land.
  • Winning his original Whitley Award in 2005, and several follow-on grants from WFN since, his team currently work directly with local people across nearly 60,000 sq. miles in some of the world’s most extreme environments.
    • An estimated 6,500 wild snow leopards remain, prowling the high mountains and plateaus of 12 countries including India, Russia, Afghanistan, China, Pakistan and Mongolia.

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