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During the Aoling Monyu festival, 4,700 Konyak Naga women danced together to set world record. The programme was organised to welcome the spring with an aim to preserve the cultural heritage of the people and also to promote tourism.


In an attempt to set a Guinness World Record for the "Largest Traditional Konyak Dance display", around 4700 women of Konyak tribe dressed in their traditional attires danced to the beats of traditional instruments and sang a ceremonial song for 5:01 minutes under the theme “Empowering Women for Cultural Heritage”.

What is Konyak?

  • Konyak is one of the 16 Naga tribes and people of this community live mainly in the Mon district of Nagaland. It is one of the largest Naga tribe of Nagaland and their head hunting tradition is widely popular and known.
  • They are easily distinguishable from other Naga tribes by their pierced ears; and tattoos which they have all over their faces, hands, chests, arms, and calves. 

Aoling Monyu festival

  • It is a major festival of Konyak Naga tribe celebrated in first week of the April every year. Being on the border of Myanmar, the neighbouring country also witnesses the pomp and gay of the Aoling Monyu festival.
  • The festival is divided into three segments – 1st 3 days for weaving, feasting and sacrificing; 4th day for singing, dancing and head hunting; last 2 days for cleansing the house and the community for re-establishment of daily life. It also coincides with the start of Konak New Year. It is basically a harvest festival.

Purpose of this festival:

  • To forgive each other so that everyone can work together and welcome the oncoming season of spring.
  • Aoling is a time to offer sincere prayers to divine spirits for a good harvest. The people firmly believe in the generosity of the divine spirits who in turn blesses the people and their land.
  • People also make small sacrifices of domestic animals for the respective purpose.

Difference between Hornbill festival and Aoling Monyu festival

  • The Hornbill festival, which is often cited as festival of all festivals, celebrates the cultures of all the 17 tribes in Nagaland. However, Aoling is celebrated by a single tribe (Konyak) of Nagaland.

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