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How can I prepare for the civil services examination through self-study during college?

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    Strategy for UPSC Prelims
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    13th Dec, 2021

Aspirants find it difficult to trace solution, when it comes to Starting preparation of Civil services examination during college times. Majority of the aspirants start their preparation for Civil services during the college time, however they find it difficult in finding the workable aspect related to civil services preparation. Every year's Lakhs of aspirants make a solid effort to crack the prelims examination. However, just a couple of fortunate ones get through this process.

Crack civil services examination in first step is very much possible. There are certain things through which civil services examination can be cleared by working on different parameters that are prerequisite requirement of civil services examination.

Starting Civil Services Examination during College Time:

NCERT- Basic Foundation:

  • Starting Civil services Examination requires covering all loopholes associated with the preparation strategy. First thing first, what is required is the covering of NCERT Books. NCERT books act as foundational base values for civil services examination. To begin with your preparation, start with NCERT books. You can start perusing NCERT book for Political Science, History, Economics, and Geography from Class 6-10 levels, considering the Civil Services official schedule.

Newspaper- Daily Basis:

  • Whenever, Students decided to start their preparation of civil services examination, then they need to start reading newspaper on daily basis to understand the issues related to subjects like polity, economy, International relations, Geography and Environment  and so on.
  • Newspaper, don’t only provide information related to different subjects but it also provide important components like , how they can write answers and how they can improve their art of interlinking different subjects articles/editorials with each other which can be interlinked with each other so that aspirants can utilise these information in answer writing.

Understand Pattern/Syllabus of Examination:

  • Aspirants starting their preparation of civil services examination during college time should first analyse the patter and syllabus of the examination. Syllabus holds the key in the entire journey of Civil Services Examination.
  • Aspirants are advised to carefully go through the syllabus and prioritize the subjects according to their strengths and weaknesses. Gather the necessary study materials and then prepare your own plan of action for your next move.

Choose - Optional Carefully:

  • Aspirants are advised to choose their optional very carefully. It will be advisable to students, if they are studying in first or second year of their college, then they should not be in hurry to choose their optional subject. It will be better if aspirants choose their optional paper after thorough calculation that how they are going to cover the syllabus of Optional subject or for that matter, whether they are comfortable in particular subject or not.
  • Aspirants should always keep in mind that, optional subject paly a very important role in make or break situation of the aspirant’s fate in terms of their chances of being in merit list. On an average, majority of the aspirants performs well in paper I, II, III and IV of GS Mains section. However, it is essay paper, ethics paper and two papers of optional that separate the aspirants good from best in terms of marking scheme of things. Aspirants Can Choose their optional based on following parameters:
    1. Interest in the subject
    2. Background of Education
    3. Overlapping Coverage with the GS Syllabus
    4. Availability of study material

UPSC Optional Foundation Subjects 

When to Start UPSC Civil Services Coaching?

  • For Aspirants, coaching may appear the perfect method to get an edge and put you in front of the competition. However, with the commercialisation of Education and mushrooming of the coaching industries, aspirants find it difficult in choosing the good institute.
  • Aspirants should definitely start their preparations by themselves. Starting preparation by own will try out your drive and ability for seeking information for Civil Services. Prepare at any rate the first round of notes and start perusing papers consistently before you join coaching.

Preparing for Prelims

  • The Preliminary test for the UPSC Civil Services comprises two papers. Paper I is General Studies worth 200 imprints with 100 numerous decision questions. Paper-II is an Aptitude test worth 200 imprints with 80 different decision questions.
  • The schedule for Paper I comprises current affairs, history of India, Indian commonwealth, Indian and world topography, Indian administration. It also includes financial and social development, general science, and general issues on the natural environment, biodiversity, and environmental change. The prospectus for Paper-II incorporates perception, sensible thinking, fundamental numeracy, and dynamic and critical thinking.
  • Prelims stage basically is the foundational knowledge base assessment stage that incorporates process of identifying serious students from the group of students. Prelims stage can also be called eliminator stage, where non-serious candidates gets eliminated.

Preparing for Mains:

  • Unlike prelims stage, which is objective-based assessment module, mains stage of the civil services examination is descriptive in nature which requires not only knowledge base of the aspirants but also skill of writing to qualify this stage of the examination.
  • The Mains assessment for the Civil Services comprises abstract answers. This helps in testing aspirants insight, expository abilities, composing aptitudes, and deliberate focus. 
  • Aspirant can Read notable national newspapers like The Hindu and The Indian Express and Magazines thoroughly. For example, The Economist and India Today for understanding the way of writing.

Preparing for Personal Interviews:

  • The Personal Interview or character test is worth 275 marks of the all-out 2025 marks considered for granting positions.
  • Aspirants should work on their skill of writing post mains declaration of the result. Post mains result, keep on being refreshed on current affairs, contemporary socio-political occasions, and general knowledge because such points are examined in the Personal Interview. To get ready for the individual meeting, practice open talking, and your conversational aptitudes. Talk before a mirror to examine your non-verbal communication and certainty.

Following these suggestions, aspirants can definitely prepare themselves for Civil services examination by their own and crack upsc examination. Civil services examination is tough but this toughness can be tackled by following a set of guidelines and by working on their skill.

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