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While preparing for the UPSC examination, aspirants often get overwhelmed with the UPSC Syllabus. Often, topics are so complex, candidates get confused with few topics. A link needs to be developed between the static portion and the current affairs.

It is important to develop a clear approach to dealing with such complex topics. Mindmaps is a scientific method to link all the related information of the topic - whether it's static or dynamic. It's a visual representation of the entire topic and focuses on each of the elements. Mindmaps help UPSC aspirants in learning faster, quicker, and most importantly helps them understand the topic in depth. UPSC Mains Examination questions require analysis of multiple topics in one answer and students need to summarise their answers within 200 words. With UPSC Mindmaps, students can relate to these topics quicker and efficiently. Recently, Mindmaps has emerged as a significant visual tool to improve learning and revising of complicated topics. GS score mindmaps break down the topic and help it explain point-wise and structurally. These mindmaps act as a bridge between the static portion and UPSC current affairs. This helps students in UPSC mains answer writing for GS papers as well as essay papers.

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