TOPICAL ANALYSIS 14: Drinking Water Crisis in India

The famous quote “Future wars will be fought over water” leaves little doubt that the world is moving towards an insurmountable water crisis and the effect will be most pronounced in developing countries including India. The crisis of adequate safe drinking-water has gained currency in the recent years and this lack of access to clean and regular drinking water is disproportionately felt by the socially, economically, geographically or demographically disadvantaged ones.

India supports over 16% of the world’s population with only 4% of the world’s freshwater. To make matters worse, more than half of the major rivers in India are highly polluted and unfit for consumption. Challenges will further intensify with rapid climate change contributing to more extreme weather shocks. Increasing population, frequent floods and droughts, delayed monsoons, and rising pollution are some of the key concerns leading to drinking water crisis. While the government has introduced multiple initiatives and awareness towards clean drinking water, the real crisis is more alarming than the reports.

  1. How real is the crisis?
  2. Reasons for Shortage of quality drinking water
  3. Sources of drinking water in India – Assessment across the states
  4. India and the Global Scenario
  5. Government Policies and Efforts from NGOs
  6. Solutions
  7. Mock Questions for Mains

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