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Strategy for UPSC Prelims

How can I prepare for the civil services examination through self-study during college?

Aspirants find it difficult to trace solution, when it comes to Starting preparation of Civil services examination during college times. Majority of the aspirants start their preparation for Civil services during the college time, however they find it difficult in finding the workable aspect related to civil services preparation. Every year's Lakhs of aspirants make a solid effort to crack the prelims examination. However, just a couple of fortunate ones get through this process.


How to prepare for Tribes, Peasants and caste movement topics of History Portion for UPSC examination?

History as subject play a very important role in both prelims and mains stage of the civil services examinations. In history, one of the key aspect for covering overall subject of History are the questions related to Tribes, Peasants and caste movement topics. History as subject require different dimensional approach as compare to any other subject, as history subject is quite static in nature which requires remembering events and their chronology.


How to cover Important Organization and movements of modern India for UPSC Examination?

One of the important aspect of the Modern History preparation for Civil services examination is the coverage of Important Organization and movements of modern India of Paper 1 of GS Mains Syllabus. Every year, majority of the questions are asked from important organisation and movement of Modern India, both in prelims and mains stage of Civil services examination.


How does a test series help to crack the UPSC prelims exam?

UPSC Test series play a very important role in the preparation of civil services examination. Test series is considered as one the important component that will define the aspirant’s capabilities and way forward approach to deal with different segments of civil services examination.


Is NCERT enough for IAS prelims?

Among the range of questions that aspirants has to face, one of the most important question that aspirants has to face is; Is it enough to cover NCERT books for prepartion of preliminary examination. During the Preparation of Civil services examination, it is important to read important books for the respective subjects.


Can prelims be cleared in 3 Months?

Every year Lakhs of IAS aspirants appear in Union Public Civil Services (UPSC) Exam with holding dream of becoming IAS. This examination is a time-consuming which follow the rigorous process which ensures that only a few hundred make out to the final cut-out list. Aspirants should remember that; it is important to know that clearing the UPSC exam is not only a matter of hard work but also collaboration of smart work.


How can I increase my accuracy in UPSC Prelims?

Clearing Prelims of civil services examination require a concentrated effort to overcome this first hurdle of the examination. Ever since concept of Negative marks are introduced in the UPSC Prelims for the first time in 2007. Questions unpredictability has increased to all-time high.


How can I prepare for CSAT?

IAS Aspirants preparing for CSAT has to analyse the previous year question papers first then only they can decide after coming to conclusion that why taking coaching for all streams and educational background of students is necessary to clear this examination. If you have analyse the previous year’s question paper then you might have realise; day by day standard of the question is going higher and higher.


How much time should one ideally devote to prelims?

"The key is in not spending time, but in investing it." -- Stephen R. Covey

Any aspirant who is preparing for the examination of Civil Services has to remember that, it’s not about how much time you are spending. It’s about how much you are extracting or gaining from the time you spent.


How To Avoid Negative Marks In UPSC Prelims

Aspirants are usually told many Do’s and Don’ts related to number of attempts, topics selection and avoidance of negative marking before they attempt for Prelims. Yet, to secure better marks, students often move for guess work while attempting the paper bringing them into the endless loop of ‘Negative Marking’ in UPSC Civil Services Prelims Examination. The more you guess, more are the chances of negative marking.


How to start IAS preparation: The Beginner's Guide

When you are preparing for UPSC Civil Service Exam, due to the unpredictability, you cannot afford to make selective study purely based on previous years' question papers.


Tips to solve comprehension in CSAT

In the CSAT paper, RC questions have had a very important role to play. In the last 4 years, the number of questions have ranged from 26 to 30 which is about 33 to 38% of the paper. The length of the passages varies from 200 words to 80 words for a 4 question passage and 1 question passage respectively.


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