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GS Mains Classes 2024, Morning Batch Starts: 12th June & Evening Batch Starts: 15th June

Environment (Contemporary Issues: Environment (Mains))


  • History
  • Geography
  • Indian Society
  • Polity & Governance
  • International Relations
  • Economy
  • Science & Technology
  • Environment
  • Internal Security
  • Ethics
  • Wildlife

    • Man-Animal Conflicts in India
    • Poaching activities in India
    • Development leads to tiger extinction
    • Elephant Conservation
    • International treaties for wildlife conservation Use of drones for wildlife conservation
    • Urban Land Acting as Death Traps for Birds
    • Eco-Bridges and Biodiversity Management
    • Suderbans at risk due to Climate Change
    • Critical Wildlife Habitats
    • Declining Population of Pollinators
    • International treaties for Wildlife Conservation

    Combating Pollution

    • Indoor Air Pollution and its impact
    • Impact of Particulate Matter
    • Smog and its impact
    • Aerosol shrinking India’s Monsoon
    • Stubble Burning
    • Mobile radiation Impact on Health
    • Heavy water Pollution
    • Plastic Pollution
    • Light Immersion Pollution                    
    • Idol Pollution
    • Oil Spill
    • Garbage Dumping and its Environment
    • E-waste Management Rules 2016
    • Groundwater contamination (Arsenic, Uranium)
    • Bharat Stage Norm
    • What is Polluters Pay Model?
    • LANCET Study REPORT: Most Pollution linked deaths occur in India
    • Beach (Coastal) Pollution
    • Nitrogen Pollution
    • Hazardous Waste (Management & Transboundary Movement) Rules, 2016

    Climate Change

    • Conference of Parties (COP-24) at Katowice
    • Marrakech Climate Change Conference
    • Paris Agreement
    • US moved out of Paris agreement
    • Kigali Agreement
    • Kyoto Protocol (2nd Commitment)
    • IPCC Report 2018
    • International Solar Alliance
    • Concept of Green Bond
    • Green Climate Fund
    • Carbon Tax Feasibility in India
    • Concept of Green Building
    • Concept of Carbon Credit
    • Climate Change and Cities
    • Climate change and its impact on Health
    • Climate Change and Agriculture
    • Climate Change and sea level Rise
    • Ocean Warming
    • Melting of Gangotri Glacier
    • Programmes and Policies Initiated for Mitigating Climate Change
    • International Collaboration for Mitigating Climate Change
    • Ethical issue involved in climate change
    • Third Pole and Climate Change
    • UNCCD 2018-2030 Strategic Framework
    • Regulatory Indicators for Sustainable Energy (Rise) 2018 – Wb
    • Accounting Methods of Climate Fund Questioned
    • Tackling Climate Change from a Security Perspective
    • Effects of Global Warming on El Nino in The 21st Century
    • India to Expand Polar Research to Arctic
    • Bengal Tigers may not Survive Climate Change
    • Scientists Mull Stratospheric Barrier to Curb Global Warming

    Renewable Energy

    • Biogas
    • National Solar Mission
    • Status of Hydro Power energy in India
    • Alternative fuels in India
    • Draft Energy Policy
    • National Energy Storage Mission
    • Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency
    • National Wind-solar Hybrid Policy
    • Photo-voltaic industry and CPSU scheme

    Initiatives for Environmental Conservation

    • Compensatory Afforestation Fund Act
    • Draft National Wildlife Action Plan
    • Wetland Management Rules, 2017
    • Initiatives to enhance green cover
    • Policy on Promotion of City Compost
    • Ancient Bawadis and Water Management
    • Living status to Rivers
    • Ganga River Pollution
    • Environment Impact Assessment
    • Environmental Compliance and Enforcement in India
    • Public Participation for Environmental conservation
    • Western Ghats biodiversity conservation
    • The 25 Year Environment Plan
    • India’s National Redd+ Strategy
    • EnviStats-India 2019
    • Indian Forest Act amendment
    • Sustainable India Finance Facility (SIFF)
    • Sustainable Development in Indian Himalayan Region
    • Global Carbon Project (GCP)
    • Naturalized species
    • Resource Efficiency Cell
    • India Cooling Action Plan (ICAP), Global Cooling Coalition
    • Island protection zone (IPZ) 2019 for Andaman and Nicobar
    • Plan to save Himalayan springs
    • Environmental Institutions
    • Pollution Control Board: Analysis
    • National Green Tribunal: Analysis
    • Forest Survey of India and India State of Forest Report, 2017
    • Genetic Engineering Appraisal Committee
    • Traditional Knowledge Digital Library

    Miscellaneous Issues

    • Impacts of Dam and fishing
    • Issue of Land Degradation
    • Sand Mining
    • Algal bloom Issue
    • Melting of Antarctica and its impact
    • River linking project and its impact
    • Bottom Trawling to Deep Sea fishing
    • Mass Coral Bleaching – Threats to coral reefs
    • Forest Fires
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