Internal Security (Contemporary Issues: Internal Security Challenges In India (Mains))

Military Related Policies in India

  • Joint Doctrine Indian Armed Forces - 2017
  • Doctrine of Hot Pursuit
  • Military Cold Start Doctrine
  • India’s Military Readiness
  • Women into Military Police
  • Anti-Hijacking Act, 2016: An Analysis

Defense Procurement

  • Working Analysis of Defence PSU
  • DRDO (Defence Research & Development Organization)
  • Make in India in Defense
  • CAG Report on Ammunitions Management System
  • Strategic Partnership Policy to Boost Defense Manufacturing
  • China increasing Defence Budget and India’s decreasing (implications)

Issues Related to Security Forces

  • Central Armed Police Forces
  • I Indian Police Structure
  • Police Modernization Scheme
  • Police Reform with Respect to Cyber Security
  • Police Surveillance in Age of Big Data
  • Andaman Sea Region: India Eyes for Military Expansion
  • Role of Indian Navy in Indian Ocean
  • Draft Amendments to National Investigation Agency Act-2008 Released
  • One Rank One Pension
  • Non Lethal Weapons to Control Crowd and Laws Related to it
  • V.S.N. Prasad Report on alternatives to Pellet Guns

Issues Related to Internal Security

  • Strategy for Managing Internal Security
  • Counter-terrorism Infrastructure in India
  • ISIS Challenge in India
  • Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism
  • Naxalism
  • Peace Accord
  • Organized Crime
  • Media and Internal Security Threat
  • Does Social Media Threaten Democracy?

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