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History (Indian Culture (Mains))


  • History
  • Geography
  • Indian Society
  • Polity & Governance
  • International Relations
  • Economy
  • Science & Technology
  • Environment
  • Internal Security
  • Ethics
  • Culture and Heritage of India

    • Aims and objectives of performing arts and their development through various stages.
    • Utility of performing arts during the ancient and the medieval period.
    • Appreciate the contribution of classical dances, folk music as well as folk dances in Indian culture and Challenges faced by performing Arts  
    • Development of drama through various phases in India and recognize the contribution of folk theatre
    • Examine the importance of the three art forms in the development of human personality.   
    • Religious and secular Art in India


    • Evolution of Indian Music
    • Contribution of Some personalities : Amir Khusro, Mohammad Shah
    • Hindustani Music evolution, features and impact  
    • Carnatic Music evolution, features and impact
    • Hindustani and Carnatic music differences and similarities
    • Regional music and its impact
    • Modern Music


    • Tracing Evolution of Dance (Rig Veda, Harappa, Nataraja)
    • Classical Dances of India, their evolution and Theme
    • Well known Classical dancers of India.
    • Themes in Indian folk dances


    • Introduction ( Natyashastra)
    • Evolution of Drama in India
    • Various texts relating to Drama period wise (ex Mahabhasya, mrichhakatika)
    • Famous Modern Dramas and Dramatists.

    Languages & Literature

    • Vedic Literature
    • Tamil language and Sangam Literature
    • Classical languages : Evolution & impact on society
    • Trends in Medieval Literature
    • Modern Indian Literature

    Architecture in India

    • Architectural Style of Harappan Civilisation
    • Influence of Buddhism and Jainism on Indian architecture
      • Stupas, Chaityas and Viharas
    • Impact of Persian and Greek invasion on Indian culture
    • Mauryan Architecture (322-182 BC)
    • Post Mauryan Architecture
    • Gandhara and Mathura school of Art
    • Cultural development during Gupta Age
    • Temple Architecture and Sculptures
      • Nagara and Dravida Styles
      • Early Temples
      • Rock Cut temples
      • Monolithic Temples
      • Free Standing Temples
    • Pallavas as great temple builders
    • Emergence of Nalanda as centre of learning
    • Medieval Period architecture
      • Delhi Sultanate
      • Regional Kingdoms ( Mandu, Jaunpuretc)
      • Vijaynagara Architecture
      • Mughal Architecture
    • Indo Islamic Architecture
    • Colonial Architecture
    • Utility of Architectural structures today and in Past
    • Conservation and Preservation of Architectural Structures
    • Spread of Indian Culture to Southeast Asia

    Bronze Sculptures in India

    • Harappan “Dancing Girl”
    • Jain Tirthankaras Bronze Images
    • Buddha bronze Images (ex Guptas and Vakatakas)
    • Pala school of Art (Bronze images, Manuscripts)
    • Pallava Bronze Images
    • Chola Bronzes
    • Nataraja

    Paintings in India

    • Prehistoric Rock Paintings
    • Ancient Period
      • Murals Paintings
      • Bagh Caves
      • Sittanavasal Paintings
      • Armamalai caves
    • Medieval Period
      • Pala school of miniature paintings
      • Mughal miniature paintings (synthesis           of Indian and Persian style)
      • Role of Akbar and his successors
      • Development of Pahari, Rajput and Deccan Paintings
      • Theme of paintings in Medieval period
    • Modern Period
      • Bengal school of Art
      • Renaissance or revivalist painting
      • Madras School of Art
    • Decorative Art
      • Madhubani
      • Kalamkari
      • Kalighat
      • Warli
      • Pattachitra
      • Theme of decorative paintings in India
    • Theatre Forms of India
      • Significance of Traditional folk theatre in India
      • Different forms of traditional folk  theatre in India
      • Sanskrit theatre in India
      • Challenges faced by theatre in India
    • Puppet forms in India
      • Themes of puppetry in India
      • Forms of Puppetry
    • Religious Philosophies
      • Buddhism and its impact
      • Jainism and its impact
      • Sufism and its impact
      • Vedanta Philosophy
    • Bhakti Traditions

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