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Polity & Governance (Contemporary Issues: (Executive, Judiciary, Legislature) (Mains))


  • History
  • Geography
  • Indian Society
  • Polity & Governance
  • International Relations
  • Economy
  • Science & Technology
  • Environment
  • Internal Security
  • Ethics
  • Union & State Government

    • Imposition of President Rule: An Analysis
    • Is President a mere Rubber Stamp?
    • Politicization of the Post of Governor
    • Lacunas in Parliamentary Functioning in India                                                                   
    • Significance of Strong Opposition in Democracy
    • Ordinance Making Power in India
    • Balance between Fundamental Rights & Parliamentary Privileges                                      
    • Special Provisions for other States
    • Special Category Status to States                                   
    • National Register of Citizens in Assam
    • Gorkhaland Crisis                       
    • Issue Related to Office of Profit                                                                                         
    • Women Reservation in Parliament        
    • Centre vs State: Case of AAP vs LG


    • Shortage of Judges in Indian Courts
    • Issue Related to Appointment of Judges
    • Procedure for Removal of Judges: Critical Analysis
    • Should Judiciary be under RTI
    • Judicial Accountability
    • Post Retirement Appointment of Judges
    • Issue of Judicial Overreach                                               
    • Judicial Reform: How to Reduce Pendency of Cases?
    • Future Challenges of the Indian Judiciary
    • All-India Judicial Service
    • Draft witness protection scheme
    • Contempt of Court
    • Government as the Biggest Litigant in India                         
    • Public Interest Litigation                                                    
    • National Litigation Policy
    • Administrative Tribunals
    • Sabrimala Temple Verdict
    • Right to Convert
    • Alternate Dispute Redressal Mechanism
    • Should India abolish Death Penalty?

    Local Government

    • Education Qualification Made Mandatory for Contesting Local Government Elections
    • Reforms needed in Municipalities in Sync with Urban Development Missions                    
    • Municipal reforms for sustainable development of Cities
    • 14th Finance Commission & Local Governments
    • Telangana: Tribal Hamlets to Village Panchayat Status                           
    • Maharashtra Government Recently Launched a new Initiative to
    • Dharavi- one of the Largest Slums in the World
    • Panchayat Raj                                                    
    • Strengthening Participation of Women in Panchayat                                                       
    • PESA in Tribal Areas                        
    • Deepening Grass Root Democracy in Sixth Schedule Areas
    • 2nd ARC Recommendations


    • Criminalization of Politics
    • Issues Related to the Working of Political Parties                                                           
    • Enact Strong Laws to Cleanse Politics, says Supreme Court                                            
    • How effective is Election Commission in Ensuring Fair Elections                                     
    • Freebies Politics in India
    • Election Commission Proposal for Countering Bribe-for-Votes                                           
    • Law Commission Report on Electoral Reforms
    • State Funding in Elections
    • Role of Civil Society in Free and Fair Election                                                      
    • Women Voices in Elections
    • Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) Issue
    • About Paper Trail Units
    • Anti-Defection Law                                                                                                          
    • Office of Profit & RPA


    • Revisiting Section 124-A of IPC
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