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Ethics (Applied Ethics)


  • History
  • Geography
  • Indian Society
  • Polity & Governance
  • International Relations
  • Economy
  • Science & Technology
  • Environment
  • Internal Security
  • Ethics
  • Euthanasia Issue

    • Social and Ethical perspective
    • Different arguments related to Euthanasia


    • Case studies and Ethical Issues
    • Concept of ethical surrogacy

    Ethics & Sports

    • Importance of sports
    • Ethical Issue: Need for sportsmanship, Doping
    • Ethical Issue: Discrimination and Sexual Harassment
    • Ethical Issue: Sports as a Business
    • Measures needed

    Media Ethics

    • Role of Media and Ethical Issues faced by Reporters
    • Trial by Media and Media Prejudice
    • Ethical Dilemma faced by Photo Journalists
    • Digital Media Ethics
    • Paid News

    Business Ethics

    • Principles of Business Ethics
    • Dimensions related to Business Ethics in Organisation
    • Business Ethics and Corporate Governance
    • Journey from Philanthropy to Corporate Social Responsibility
    • Issues related to Corporate Social Responsibility
    • Issues in implementation of Business Ethics

    Ethics Related to Economic Sanctions

    • Why Economic Sanctions placed?
    • Ethics in Economic Sanctions

    Refugees & Ethics

    • Why Migration occurs?
    • Case study of Syria
    • Dilemmas related to Refugee crisis
    • Rohingya Crisis

    Ethical Dilemmas of Globalization

    • What is Globalization
    • Free trade in Globalized world
    • Issues with Newly Developed Trade Patterns
    • Criticism against global regime

    Ethics of War

    • Ethics and War theories
    • Evils of war

    Environmental Ethics

    • Linkage between Ethics and Environment
    • Theories related to Environmental ethics
    • Role of individual and society at large

    Ethical Issues in Biotechnology

    • Issues related to Stem Cell
    • Issues related to cloning
    • Issues related to designer babies
    • Genetic engineering

    Animal Ethics

    • Issues of conducting research on animals
    • Issue of keeping animals as pets
    • Issue of Cruelty against animals

    Food Adulteration and Ethics

    • Ethical dimension
    • Ethical issue related to food additive

    Abortion: Ethical or Unethical

    • Law of abortion in India
    • Recent Supreme Court verdict
    • Ethical Issue: Health of Women vs. foetus
    • Justification for abortion - Argument against abortion
    • Abortion and women rights
    • Abortion and father rights
    • Honour Killing
    • Role of khap Panchayats

    Marital Rape

    • Why Marital Rape should not be criminalized?
    • Why Marital Rape should be criminalized?
    • What are the hurdles?

    Child Labour

    • Rights of children
    • Child labour and company
    • Role of consumer

    Ethical Issues Involved in Juvenile Justice System

    • Negative implications
    • Ethics and Old Age
    • Ethical issues
    • Issues faced
    • Importance of autonomy
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